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The Pharmacy Experience You Deserve
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Lilburn Community Pharmacy is situated in the heart of Lilburn, GA. Our aim has always been to provide top quality health and pharmaceutical services to our patients. We are the pride of Lilburn. Our patients are like our family, we will always go above and beyond the call of duty to serve you. Founded in 2013, we are family owned and operated, our values shine through our work ethic.

Our Mission

Our mission to you is to help you gain confidence in your health. To encourage you to fulfill healthy lifestyle choices that will take you to the next level. We want our patients to minimize their time in the pharmacy and in doctor’s offices. This goes against what a lot of big name corporations expect from their clients; and this is why big chain pharmacies see us as a threat. We want to make healthy the new normal. We will help guide you with the necessary lifestyle changes that may help your body and mind to become in sync with broadened possibilities. After all you are what you think, eat and do. The problem with profit oriented pharmacies is that they see each patient as a cash cow. At Lilburn Community Pharmacy, we aim for affordability while maintaining exceptional quality. We are working with Al Shifa Clinic-the only free clinic in Georgia-to provide otherwise expensive medications at an affordable price. We offer free delivery to your door or bedside those who qualify. We offer compounding services for pet medications, children’s medications, dermatology products and more. Our easy transfer system helps our new patients come on board the same day. Our Long Term Care pharmaceutical options ensure free bubble pack, MARS sheets and documentation help to our In Patient Facilities. We are experts in Geriatric care for you or your loved ones. All of this is only possible due to the fact that we are family owned and operated. We treat our patients like our family.

Our Staff

We have Geriatric Certified Pharmacists, Nationally Credited Pharmacy Technicians and world class delivery drivers who always smile under pressure. We are committed to bringing our A-Game every day. On our worst days we are our best and on our best days we are humble. We have Medication Therapy Management specialists who are well aware of the understudied world of Drug to Drug Interactions. We will guide your doctor to provide regiments that truly fit you as a person. Our patients are loyal, we have been serving families in the Gwinnett area since 2013 and our staff has not changed, this means you will see the same smiling faces every time you visit.